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Kate Middleton

Kate’s ‘household rule’ is so strict George, Charlotte and Louis can’t break it


The Princess of Wales and Prince William have one firm household rule that their children George, Charlotte and Louis must stick to

With 2024 in full swing, your favourite royal, Prince and Princess of Wales, ware firmly getting back to work after their Christmas break.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, have returned to Lambrook School for the winter term. The royal couple is now balancing their increased royal duties with raising their kids.

They are often spotted doing the school run both in the morning and afternoon. Although they have the assistance of a nanny, the Prince and Princess of Wales are still very hands-on with their children and enjoy engaging in fun activities with them such as bike riding and baking.

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However, it’s not all fun and games for the royal children as William and Kate have set some household rules that must be followed at all times. One of the strictest rules is that there should be no shouting in the house. According to an insider source, any hint of shouting at each other by the children is dealt with by removal. The source also revealed that this rule is one that the royal couple is strict on following.

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Prince William and Catherine have an unconventional approach to parenting, as they prefer to have a “sofa chat” with their children instead of resorting to punishment. When a child misbehaves, they are taken away from the situation and spoken to calmly by either Kate or William.

The parents then explain the situation and its consequences in detail and avoid shouting at the child. This method is not only effective in disciplining the child but also helps them to understand the situation better. Recently, the Wales family came back to their normal routine after celebrating Kate’s 42nd birthday. Although she loves to celebrate, it was a low-key affair, and according to a royal expert, her special day was spent with her family, without any fancy gifts.

Kate was born in 1982 and grew up in Bucklebury, Berkshire. She attended the prestigious private boarding school Marlborough College, and it was while studying art history at the University of St Andrews in Scotland that she met Prince William in 2001.

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And it might have been that she headed back to her childhood village to mark turning 42, according to editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, Ingrid Seward. She told us: “Family life has always been central for the Princess of Wales and she loves an excuse to celebrate. Her 42nd birthday – her second as Princess of Wales – is a good reason to do so, but no details will be released. Traditionally the royals only celebrate milestone birthdays with the public so we might have to wait until Catherine is 45.

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Kate Middleton

Did you know Kate Middleton had these two jobs before joining the Royal Family?

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton had two jobs before she married William. As a royal fan, how did we not know this?

Just because she’s royal doesn’t mean Kate Middleton never had to work.

In fact, the Princess of Wales had two normal jobs prior to meeting, wooing and eventually marrying Prince William. Middleton’s first occupation was at her family’s business, Party Pieces, which sells party supplies.

Being a Duchess is a full-time job, something Kate Middleton knows all too well, becoming the Duchess of Cambridge when she married Prince William in 2011. Being a royal is not a figurehead position – there are speeches to make, charities to support and a long list of rules and regulations to follow at all times.

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But Kate was more than prepared for the role, with it emerging this week that she was actually a career girl before joining the royal family. That’s right. Kate is not only one of the first princesses to have a university degree, she also worked her way up the career ladder.

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But what were the careers she pursued? The retail and fashion industries. Yes, Kate started in retail, working for her family business, Party Pieces, a brand that sells high-end party supplies for birthdays, weddings and celebrations in general.

And then she moved into fashion buying, becoming an accessories buyer for fashion brand Jigsaw, something that according to the brand’s co-founder, Belle Robinson, she was particularly good at.

‘I have to say I was so impressed by her,’ Belle explained of Kate in a 2003 interview with the Evening Standard. ‘There were days when there were TV crews at the end of the drive. We’d say: “Listen, do you want to go out the back way?” And she’d say: “To be honest, they’re going to hound us until they’ve got the picture. So why don’t I just go, get the picture done, and then they’ll leave us alone.”’

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Belle continued: ‘I thought she was very mature for a 26-year-old, and I think she’s been quite good at neither courting the press nor sticking two fingers in the air at them. I don’t think I would have been so polite. She sat in the kitchen at lunchtime and chatted with everyone from the van drivers to the accounts girls. She wasn’t precious.’

Kate – career girl AND Duchess. What can’t she do?

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Kate Middleton

Kate reveals how her mum, Carole, is a tower of strength whenever Prince William is away

Prince William

Kate Middleton finds solace in the unwavering support of her mother, Carole Middleton whenever Prince William is away.

Carole Middleton has been a pillar of strength to Prince William and Kate.

Carole Middleton has been a rock for her family following her daughter’s cancer diagnosis, and has been praised for playing a vital role behind what has been one of the Royal family’s most turbulent periods in recent times Carole Middleton, mum to Kate and mother-in-law to Prince William, has been a pillar of strength for her family following Kate’s cancer diagnosis. On 22 March, Princess Kate courageously shared her cancer news with the world. Now, she is focusing on getting better while taking a break from public duties.

Carole has been there to provide the young family with the “three Rs” She’s come to the rescue, provided reassurance, and has been a rock to Catherine and William as they come to terms with the news. The source added: “Carole has been the driving force keeping the family together with minimum fuss and maximum modesty. She’s ferried and fetched George, Louis and Charlotte, taken them to school sports matches and given them endless support. She’s been a real Mary Poppins-like figure.”

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Mother and daughter have always had a good relationship, without any of those flare-ups that are typical in the teenage years, say those who know the Middletons. Their closeness only increased the day Kate came home and announced she was dating a Prince. “You can get quite consumed by a relationship when you are younger,” said the Duchess in her engagement interview. When the relationship threatened to overwhelm her it was to Carole she turned for support since she was unable to confide in her friends like most girls.

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Kate has often spoken fondly of her close relationship with her mother, highlighting Carole’s role as a pillar of support in her life. Whether it’s managing the demands of royal engagements or navigating the challenges of family life, Kate knows she can always count on her mum to be there for her.

Beyond offering emotional support, Carole also plays an active role in the lives of her grandchildren, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. With Prince William away, Carole steps in to help with childcare duties, providing a nurturing and loving environment for the young royals.

In addition to her role as a mother and grandmother, Carole has also become a trusted confidante for Kate. The two share a close bond, and Kate often turns to her mother for advice and wisdom, especially during times of uncertainty or difficulty.

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Her husband knows how much she values her family and he is fond of them too. “William appreciates his in-laws’ home and lifestyle,” says royal author Penny Junor. “It’s so different from the way he was brought up and loves the fact that there aren’t loads of footmen and butlers everywhere. It’s a normal house, where everyone sits down to lunch together. And it’s a happy home.

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Kate Middleton

What was Catherine’s net worth before she married Prince William and what is it now?

What was Kate Middleton's net worth before she married William and what is it now?

Kate Middleton’s Net Worth Was Enormous Before Joining the Royal Family—and Now It’s Even Bigger.

So, What Is Kate Middleton’s Total Net Worth?

Princess of Wales and next in line to be Queen, Kate married into a generationally wealthy family whose working members get official expenses covered by proceeds from their vast land holdings, and she and her husband have only gotten wealthier during their marriage.

It’s not possible to determine the exact net worth of a royal, but CelebrityNetWorth pegs Kate’s current net worth at an estimated $10 million. Her husband’s net worth, calculated by the same source, is $100 million—an estimate that doesn’t appear to include a private estate reportedly worth more than $1 billion.

Although the princess was technically a commoner prior to marrying Prince William, she comes from a wealthy family. The Middletons own a popular party supply business called Party Pieces, and their shared net worth is about $50 million. 

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Regardless, on top of being the inspiration behind Party Pieces (Carole says she got the idea while planning Kate’s fifth birthday party), Kate worked for the brand before joining the royals. Speaking to SheerLuxe, Carole explained that “Pippa wrote our ‘Party Times’ blog, James did the cakes when he first left school, and Catherine developed our first birthday and baby category.” In other words, it seems likely that Kate has a stake in the family biz—for better or for worse.

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Kate’s net worth (not counting everything Wills brings to the table) is $10 million per Celebrity Net Worth—which is a lot less than her sister Pippa Middleton has in the bank (she has a net worth of $50 million, in part because of her husband’s majorly wealthy family) but a lot more than some other royals like Princess Eugenie (who has a net worth of $4.6 million).

But now that her father-in-law, King Charles, has taken over as Britain’s newest monarch, we want to know: Did this change her financial status?

When King Charles III ascended the British throne, Princess Catherine and her husband became the Prince and Princess of Wales. Fortunately for them both, that meant a change for their bank accounts as well. One big financial perk was that they inherited the $1.2 billion Duchy of Cornwall estate, as well as a special Welsh home from King Charles.

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Queen Elizabeth left the vast majority of her priceless jewellery collection for Princess Catherine, and it’s reportedly worth billions of pounds. However, royal expert Katie Nicholl explained that there’s a “pecking order.” She told Marie Claire, “There is a hierarchy in all of this. The Queen Consort, really, gets the first choice of the Queen’s jewellery. And after that is Princess of Wales, of course, Kate.”

The late monarch’s iconic jewellery collection includes tiaras, crowns, necklaces, brooches, earrings and more. All we can say is, wow.

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Kate Middleton

Here’s a sneak peek inside Kate and sister Pippa’s special relationship


The story of Kate and Pippa Middleton is one that captures the imagination and warms the heart.

Growing up in the picturesque English countryside, Kate & Pippa shared a bond that was as strong as it was enduring.

From playing in the fields of Berkshire to attending prestigious schools together, they forged memories that would last a lifetime. Despite their different paths in life, with Kate ascending to royalty and Pippa carving her own niche in the world, their sisterly connection remained unwavering. Pippa, often described as Kate’s confidante and closest ally, has been a constant source of support for the Duchess, offering guidance and companionship in both joyous and challenging times.

Beyond the grandeur of royal events and the glare of media attention, their bond shines as a beacon of love, support, and companionship. From their childhood adventures to navigating the complexities of royal life, Kate and Pippa have stood by each other’s side through thick and thin.

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The world looked on with fascination in 2011 as a refreshingly down-to-earth girl married Britain’s royal heir. And amid all the pomp and ceremony, Kate Middleton’ssister and maid-of-honour Pippa Middleton also generated admiring comments in her own right, coming dangerously close to upstaging the bride.

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Such is their closeness, though, that Kate will have been amused rather than unsettled by the attention paid to her little sister. Now, as Kate helps Pippa prepare for her own big day, we look at the special bond of this much-talked-about sibling duo.

When you are as famous as the Duchess of Cambridge is now, it must be comforting to have someone you can rely on 100 per cent without questioning their motives. And as Kate has recently found out following the resignation of her trusted private secretary of many years, while many people come and go, your sister will always be there for you.

Growing up, the girls were part of a close-knit clan, including little brother James Middleton, born in 1987, who all helped out in the family business and revelled in country walks and cosy Christmas celebrations at which their father Michael would amuse them by wearing costumes, one year even making an entrance as a sumo wrestler. The girls attended the boarding school Marlborough College together, both playing on the hockey team, where Pippa had the added distinction of being captain.

In an interview on NBC in 2014, Pippa spoke of her family, saying: “We can be normal with each other and that’s kept us all affixed to the ground.”Of her bond with Kate, she said: “We have a very normal sisterly relationship. We’re very close and we support each other and get each opinions.”

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Among the “normal” stuff they’ve always chatted about is their love lives. When Kate split up with William in 2007 it was to Pippa sheturned, with her sister lifting her mood with fun nights out. Thankfully, the separation was brief but it meant that Kate understood when Pippa later had romantic disappointments of her own. And now, as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate is ready again to play a supporting role – this time as her baby sister happily walks down the aisle

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