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Insider reveals the names Harry and Meghan were considering for Prince Archie


Meghan and Harry’s first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, now Prince Archie of Sussex, was born on May 6, 2019, in London, England.

Meghan and Harry’s decision to name their son Archie sparked curiosity and intrigue among royal enthusiasts, who were fascinated by the significance behind the choice.

Before deciding on Archie as their son’s name, Harry and Meghan reportedly considered some alternatives. The pair reportedly debated between the names Harrison and Archie during Meghan’s pregnancy. At the Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands, Meghan revealed the information to Sherry McBain, a nurse officer in the Royal Air Force.

McBain remembered talking to Meghan about how the Duchess suggested that “Harrison” could be Archie’s first name. In the end, Harry and Meghan chose the name Archie, which is a contraction of Archibald and denotes sincerity, boldness, or bravery. But instead, they decided to honour Harrison’s name by giving Archie the middle name Harrison. The name Harrison, derived from the Middle Ages, originally served as a patronymic meaning “son of Henry” or “son of Harry,” reflecting Harry’s lineage and heritage.

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Meghan’s open admission revealed the couple’s decision-making process and demonstrated their careful consideration on the firstborn’s name. The choice of the royal baby has piqued popular interest, but Harry and Meghan chose a name that both honoured their individual family histories and had special meaning for them.

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Archibald Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Archie’s full name, is a reflection of his ancestry and family ties. The name Archibald honours one of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana’s ancestors, Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll of Scotland. Furthermore, Archie’s name serves as a symbolic link between the United States and the United Kingdom due to Meghan’s distant connections to Benjamin Harrison, a former U.S. President; this underscores the couple’s dedication to inclusivity and connection.

Archie’s parents are careful to impart valuable morals and teachings as he gets older. Harry shared stories of their chats and Archie’s goals during the Invictus Games, expressing his hopes and dreams for the future of his friend. No matter what career Archie wants to pursue—be it astronaut, helicopter pilot, or well-loved children’s character—his parents stress the value of character above all else.

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On June 4, 2021, Harry and Meghan welcomed Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor into the world in addition to Archie. The name Lilibet honours both Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, and Queen Elizabeth II, whose family nickname is Lilibet. The names the couple chose show how much they wanted to honour their family members and give their kids a sense of legacy and tradition.

After Prince Charles became King Charles III, baby Archie was officially given the title of Prince and is commonly known as Prince Archie.

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Meghan Markle

The psychological reason why Meghan Markle prefers bold colors for important events

The psychological reason why Meghan Markle prefers bold colors for important events

Some of Meghan Markle’s most memorable fashion moments have seen her wearing this bold shade, which is beautifully unique.

Whether it’s her stunning Safiyaa gown or the stand-out Victoria Beckham dress Meghan Markle wore for one of her final appearances in the UK in March 2020, this colour always makes a statement. 

The Duchess of Sussex loves to embrace bright shades with her royal wardrobe, and has been pictured wearing everything from forest green hues to colour-clashing reds and pinks – but have you noticed there’s a particular shade of blue she seems to be drawn to?

We spoke exclusively to colour expert Gabriella Winters about the distinctive shade, which in fact has an ancient – and perhaps even royal – history! “Coincidentally, the type of blue that Meghan Markle has been sporting frequently is called ‘Egyptian Blue’ – and this shade receives its name from the first-ever artificial pigment invented 5000 years ago,” she told us.

The shade was very important at that time, and was often used in painting – and years later, it was found to have the unique ability to emit luminescent infrared light, allowing experts to identify ancient artworks from the Egyptian time period. 

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Gabrielle added: “Infrared has the ability to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and stimulate cells to produce collagen. Could this be the secret to Meghan’s flawless skin? Somehow I doubt that modern pigments would be smart enough to emit infrared light, but Egyptian Blue could have certainly been a secret beauty weapon of princesses of the ancient past.”

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History aside, blue is known to be a calming colour, and could even have connections to Meghan’s passion for her work. “Psychologically speaking, blue is the most popular colour in the entire world because of its non-threatening placid nature. It is the colour of peace and quiet and it signifies freedom. In the world of business, blue is the mark of formality and it symbolises one’s loyalty and devotion to their work,” said Gabrielle. 

Of course, the Duchess’ penchant for bold blues could simply be because she loves the shade – and it certainly suits her. “Egyptian Blue ranges from light indigo to bright turquoise and these shades tend to naturally accentuate coppery brown eyes – hence why they compliment Meghan’s complexion so effortlessly,” she adds. “These rich light blue tones symbolise integrity, honesty and optimism and Meghan embodies these noble qualities with authenticity and grace.”

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Royal style expert Miranda Holder explained why the Duchess opts for such a colour palette, and apparently it is to do with how she wants to be perceived. “Personally, I think it indicates a very relatable conflict of emotions with Meghan’s current predicament. On one hand, she yearns to be back in the spotlight, adored by the public and forging ahead with exciting new projects and on the other, behind that radiant smile, she is understandably very frightened about just how she will be received, not only by the public, but more crucially by the world’s media.”

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is rarely seen without these sentimental rings – here’s why

Every accessory Meghan Markle wears tells a story, and her rings are no exception.

Meghan Markle often wears these sentimental rings on her right hand.

Whether she’s attending a royal event or casually stepping out, Meghan Markle often adorns her fingers with rings that hold deep sentimental value.

A few years ago when the Duchess of Sussex stepped out in public and made a visit to the National Theatre as part of her new patronage of the organisation (while she was still working as an active royal). And while as ever, her stunning engagement ring and wedding band were her most special pieces of jewellery on display, Meghan was also wearing some other items that appeared to be very sentimental to her – since she is rarely seen without them.

The fine bands worn on her right index finger and thumb are certainly some of her favourites, so we’ve done some digging to find out the story behind them! Meghan has actually been wearing a number of these delicate rings since she starred as Rachel Zane on Suits – in shots captured from season seven of the show, her character can be seen wearing the subtle bands across her fingers.

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And, looking back on photographs from Harry and Meghan’s early public appearances as a couple, the former actress can be seen wearing them then, too. Could they be a memento from her former career?

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Sweetly, Meghan Markle has continued to wear them throughout her royal duties – despite having gained a number of new pieces, including stunning items from the late Queen and the late Princess Diana’s collection. Various pictures from the royal couple’s various public appearances show Meghan wearing her favourite rings in a number of ways, from a line of three across her fingers to just one on her index finger and opposite thumb.

One snap from Meghan’s former Instagram account also sees her modelling the pretty rings as she tucks into a healthy salad, so they have clearly been an everyday choice for some time now. And while it’s not known where Meghan got the subtle accessories, we’re sure she’s sparked plenty of copycat looks. How do you wear yours?

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Meghan Markle’s choice of rings highlights her attention to detail and her deep connection to her loved ones. These pieces are not just accessories but symbols of important moments and relationships in her life. Whether it’s a grand event or a casual outing, Meghan’s rings serve as a reminder of the people and memories she holds dear.

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Meghan Markle

7 Things you didn’t know about Meghan Markle’s brand American Riviera Orchard

7 Things you didn't know about Meghan Markle's brand American Riviera Orchard

Meghan Markle is known for her many talents and ventures, from her acting career to her role in the British royal family.

However, one of Meghan Markle’s latest endeavours, the American Riviera Orchard line, has caught the attention of many.

One month, after Meghan Markle launched the Instagram and website for her new brand, American Riviera Orchard, three of her close friends, shared the first look at its small-batch strawberry jam. However, there’s still a ton of mystery behind the company; here’s all the public knows so far:

Why did Meghan name the brand American Riviera Orchard? Meghan hasn’t shared the origin story yet, but American Riviera is a term used to describe the Santa Barbara area where she lives with her husband, Prince Harry, and their two children. (The couple’s home is famously in Montecito; the city name is even part of American Riviera Orchard’s logo.)

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Travel + Leisure explained why the region was given the name, writing, “Santa Barbara has been fondly referred to as ‘The American Riviera’ for more than a century because of its temperate climate and lush landscapes, as well as its robust food and wine culture.” On March 18, a source told People how Meghan feels about her brand name: “Meghan finds the name American Riviera Orchard perfect. It feels authentic to her. She can’t wait for the website to launch.”

How did Meghan announce the line? Quietly. The Instagram and site for American Riviera Orchard went live on March 14. Meghan posted an Instagram Story teasing the brand’s aesthetic, and the brand’s Instagram posted the logo. The site offered a waitlist sign-up but no further details.

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What is Meghan selling? The full lineup hasn’t been disclosed yet, but there’s jam. TMZ reported in March that Meghan filed her trademark applications for the brand in early February. She submitted them in multiple categories, TMZ wrote, including “cookbooks, tableware, coffee and tea services, jellies, jams, tablecloths, cookbooks, servingware, cutlery, spreads of all kinds, and lots more.” A source told People on March 18 that American Riviera Orchard “will reflect everything that she loves—family, cooking, entertaining and home décor. She is excited about her latest, personal venture. This is something she’s been wanting to do for a while. She is excited to share her style and things that she loves.”

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When is American Riviera Orchard launching? Meghan hasn’t shared the brand’s official launch date yet. People did get a rough estimate though: The outlet reported on April 11 that the brand will launch this spring.

Which products have been shared so far? On April 15, two of Meghan’s good friends Tracy Robbins and Delfina Blaquier shared photos of small-batch strawberry jam from the line after Meghan sent them a basket. “Thank you, M,” Robbins wrote. Their posts gave the first close look at American Riviera Orchard’s packaging, too. In June 2024, Markle’s friend Nacho Figueras shared a new raspberry flavoured jam in his Instagram Stories and a jar of dog biscuits alongside his dog Nina Iggy

Is Meghan’s Netflix cooking show connected to the brand? There’s a good chance, although it hasn’t been officially confirmed. Deadline reported that Meghan will be doing a lifestyle show for Netflix on April 11. It is in early production and will feature Meghan celebrating “the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship.” Its release date hasn’t been announced yet either.

What has Meghan said about American Riviera Orchard? Nothing official yetbut chances are that once a launch date is announced, Meghan will be sharing many more details about her new project. As a source told People on March 18“This is something she’s been wanting to do for a while. She is excited to share her style and things that she loves.”

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Meghan Markle

Never before seen pictures from Meghan Markle’s childhood reveals she was a party-loving teen


Meghan Markle looks the epitome of high-spirited Californian youth at her 11th birthday party.

Meghan Markle had a gap-toothed smile, an eye-catching Afro hairstyle, and a picture of Bart Simpson embossed on her faded blue jeans.

Sitting beside her in orange shorts and a top that shows off her toned midriff, her mother, Doria, then 36, almost looks young enough to be her sister. As these charming photographs reveal, as Meghan emerged from the chrysalis of childhood and entered adolescence, she remained, at heart, a devoted family girl. The pictures are taken from an album kept by Meghan’s uncle, Joseph Johnson, Doria’s half-brother. 

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Today, we show her growing up and blossoming into a beautiful young woman who would go on to achieve fame as an actress before finding her prince. Wearing a patterned red bikini and carrying a bucket and spade, she enjoys a day at the beach, near her home in Santa Monica.

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Sunny life: Meghan, aged nearly seven, clutches a bucket and spade for a day at the beach near her home in Santa Monica in 1988

She had been taken there by her grandmother, Jeanette Johnson, who often looked after her while her parents, Doria and Tom Markle, were working. In another picture, showing the bond between the pair, Meghan smiles as she clasps a Cabbage Patch doll. We next see her aged 12, again flanked by her gran, at the fourth birthday party of her cousin Donovan (who’s out of shot), the son of Mr Johnson’s younger sister, Saundra.

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Even then, her maternal instincts shone through, Mr Johnson recalls. ‘She liked Donovan a lot,’ he says. ‘He was a lot younger than Meghan and she liked the fact he was a baby. She mothered him. She treated him like a live doll!’

Meghan Markle

A snap taker of a beautiful young Meghan (right) and her mum Doria (left) with her cousin Shawn

Meghan’s tenderness is evident in a moving picture of her as a teenager, holding hands with Jeanette, whose health was then failing. In her grandmother’s final years, during the late 1990s, Meghan and her mother drove three hours every fortnight to visit her at home, in Fresno, California.

By then in the full flush of youth, Meghan offset the sombreness of these trips by going out with her cousins. ‘My sons Shawn and Jason were close in age to Meghan,’ her uncle said. ‘They went out to parties together.’

For the moment, at least, her partying days are on hold. The gap-toothed teen who became a beautiful duchess has more pressing matters to attend to.

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