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Meghan Markle

What will Meghan Markle’s new lifestyle brand sell? Mats, vegan jelly and everything else


In the arena of celebrity entrepreneurship, Meghan Markle has made waves with her upcoming lifestyle brand.

Meghan Markle’s mysterious lifestyle project, American Riviera Orchard, may include quite a range of products.

She’s already the Duchess of Sussex, but could Meghan Markle also have her eye on becoming Queen of Tasty Spreads and Dips? According to the trademark filing for her mysterious new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, the answer is not no. The original filing mentions cracker toppers of the fruit, legume, nut, oil, sesame, and garlic-based varieties, an absolute spreadable delight for your taste buds. 

Meghan could also be placing herself to become your go-to supplier for tableware, cookbooks of the e- and printed varieties, coffee cups, decanters, table place card holders, tablecloths, and fabric gift wrap. After all, you can’t have a dip without a spoon, no?

But that’s not all. All of the above could plausibly fit in the same aisle of a bougie yet tasteful boutique. Not so much for more recent updates to the filings for the tri-named brand, which offers quite the spread (of the non-edible variety) of possible products.

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Take a deep breath because this list is not a short one. Among many additional products, ARO could offer garden tools like hand trowels, decorative string lights, letter-openers and stationery, complete with embossers and seals, journals, cocktail napkins, washi tape, pet leashes and collars, tote bags, pillows for people and pets, plant seeds, soap, jewellery, dog beds, “decorative crystal prisms,” aromatherapy oil diffusers, kitchen tongs, empty glass jars, bird baths and feeders, beach towels, yoga mats, meditation cushions, holders for matches, bird seed, mayonnaise, and salad dressing.

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So plausibly, American Riviera Orchard could supply you with everything you need to maintain a bullet journal detailing your day-to-day activities including walking your dog, watching birds enjoy your fairy-light strewn yard with hand-cultivated and lovingly tended plants, meditating near your lovely crystal (kept in a jar for vibes), and then making a nice BLT sandwich to warm up for your charcuterie spread, which you will enjoy after penning a letter to your grandmother on your personalized stationery.

Oh, and a tote bag to put it all in. Obviously. Has anyone checked to see if fellow vibey Montecito homeowner Gwyneth Paltrow is OK lately? These spreads are feeling a little Goopy if you know what I’m saying.

Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, are an intriguing side plot to the drama happening overseas with the British royal family they left dramatically in 2020. While the remaining working royals face medical turmoil, with the recent announcements of the cancer diagnoses of both King Charles III and Kate Middleton, Harry remains estranged from his brother Prince William, the next in line for the throne. Meghan launched the Instagram page for American Riviera Orchard, bearing a logo that looks an awful lot like a royal cypher, on March 14, the fourth anniversary of the day that the couple and their young son, Prince Archie, and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, secretly flew from Canada to Tyler Perry’s California home, thanks to an assist from none other than Oprah. 

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The Instagram account for American Riviera Orchard has already racked up more than a million followers, despite the lack of information, and has already inspired many copycats. Another former trademark application for the name “American Riviera,” abandoned in 2019, is also a reference to Meghan and Harry’s adopted hometown of Montecito, California, but that brand’s proposed offerings, primarily around vape pens, “herbs for smoking,” “tobacco alternatives,” and associated accoutrements, are somewhat different from what Meghan appears to have in mind.

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is being mom-shamed for doing things for her kids, Archie & Lilibet

Meghan Markle is being mom-shamed for doing thing for her kids, Archie & Lilibet

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has recently found herself at the centre of controversy yet again.

This time, it’s due to mom-shaming over a parenting decision Meghan Markle has been making for years.

People will find anything to criticize Meghan Markle and this time, it’s for something she’s done so many times before, but, now, commentators are finding an issue with it. It’s not uncommon for mothers to face criticism for their parenting choices, but Meghan seems to draw an especially large amount of scrutiny. Despite her best efforts to provide a loving and nurturing environment for her children, she’s constantly under the microscope.

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So earlier this month, Prince Harry made a very quick visit to the UK, without his two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, and his wife, Meghan. Now, he’s done this many times before, and Meghan hasn’t come with him. They both have talked about ensuring their privacy, and Harry has talked about protecting Meghan and their kids. For this May trip to the UK, Meghan stayed home with Archie and Lilibet, and now, people are slamming her for it?

“Meghan seems to spend a lot of time in LA at home, she doesn’t tend to come over to the UK that much,” Grand Harrold, who is a former royal staffer told The Post. “I would have thought she would have wanted to come over and support Harry because the Invictus Games is a big part of his life, but it does seem odd…It does seem odd as to why she didn’t — I can only assume she wanted to stay home with the family, as that’s a big part of what she does.”

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Meghan has stayed behind with their kids numerous times over the years, especially when Harry does quick trips to the UK. And what’s “odd” is that she’s getting criticism for it now, despite always doing this for their kids when Harry has to go. (And we’re sure Harry does the same when Meghan has to go on trips!) It’s 2024, we don’t have time for mom-shaming in any form.

For those who don’t know, Harry and Meghan started dating in 2016, and by April 2018, they were married in a beautiful royal ceremony. They share two children named Archie, born in May 2019, and Lilibet Diana, born in June 2021. Back in 2021, Meghan told Oprah that the best role she’s ever had in her life is unequivocally being a mother. “I’ve been a waitress, an actress, a princess, a Duchess… and the most important title I’ll ever have is mom,” she said.

But why is Meghan’s parenting under such intense scrutiny? Some have speculated that it’s due to her status as a member of the royal family. As one of the most famous women in the world, Meghan is constantly in the spotlight, and every move she makes is scrutinized by the media and the public.

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Of course, Meghan is no stranger to criticism. Since marrying Prince Harry and joining the royal family, she’s faced her fair share of negative attention. From her relationship with her in-laws to her decision to step back from royal duties, Meghan has been the subject of countless headlines.

Like any parent, she’s just trying to do what’s best for her children, and she shouldn’t be judged for that.

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Meghan Markle

Why is Prince Harry and Meghan’s dancing video going viral?

Why is Prince Harry and Meghan's dancing video going viral?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently found themselves in the spotlight once again.

Prince Harry and Meghan can be seen in a video that has gone viral.

The moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle put their dancing skills to the test during their recent visit to Nigeria has gone viral, with fans praising footage of the couple on TikTok. Harry and Meghan attended events in Nigeria from May 10 to 12 at the invitation of the country’s chief of defence staff, General Christopher Musa. Several events were connected with Harry’s Invictus Games, which the country is reportedly eager to host at some point in the future.

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The couple also attended events connected with their personal interests and areas of philanthropy including mental health. On May 10, Harry and Meghan visited the Lightway Academy in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, where they met with students at the institution, which has received support from the couple’s Archewell Foundation.

During time spent with the school’s kindergarten class, the couple spoke about their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, and showed off their dancing skills.

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Uploaded to TikTok by user meghmarkle on May 11, footage of the royals happily performing steps with the class of children has already been viewed over 250,000 times. Captioned: “The most adorable royals I’m crying,” the clip has received over 12,000 likes and over 300 comments, many of which have praised the couple and their connection with young people. “You see why I love these two, they are just so fun and relatable,” wrote one TikTok user.

“They’re genuinely having fun connecting with people. it’s just straight authenticity from these two,” posted another, with a further comment suggesting Meghan could offer her husband some coordination tips, reading: “Meghan you need to teach Harry left from right. This is so funny watching you two. After they visited with the kindergarten class, Harry and Meghan spent time with some of the academy’s older children, with the prince delivering an engaging speech on mental health.

“In some places around the world, more than you would believe, there is a stigma against mental health,” he said. “Too many people don’t want to talk about it because it’s invisible, it’s in your mind and we can’t see. It’s not like a broken leg, it’s not like a broken wrist, it is something we are still relatively unsure of. But guess what? Every single person in this room, youngest to oldest, every single person has mental health.

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“So, therefore, you have to look after yourself to be able to help other people, other people have to look after themselves to be able to look after you. That’s the way it works.”

In addition to the school event, during the couple’s visit to Nigeria, they took part in an evening reception at the defence headquarters in Abuja, and they travelled to Lagos to watch a charity polo game.

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s uncle has released rare unseen pictures of Meghan as a child


We see pictures of the beautiful Meghan Markle every day, but we rarely get a true glimpse into her life before she was royal.

But these pictures of Meghan Markle are just gorgeous.

From her Hollywood days to her royal status, Meghan’s life has always been of interest to the public. However, one aspect that often remains hidden from the public eye is her childhood. Meghan’s uncle has released some rare pictures of her as a child, giving us a glimpse into her early years.

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Meghan Markle’s uncle recently unveiled a treasure trove of rare childhood photos of the Duchess. These candid snapshots provide a charming glimpse into Meghan’s early years. Joseph Johnson shared unseen family pictures with the Daily Mail this week, and they show us a side of Meghan we’ve never seen.

In one picture, we see a tiny Meghan opening a birthday present during a family party, reportedly her second birthday. In one of the photos, a young Meghan can be seen smiling brightly, showcasing her radiant personality even at a young age.

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Another picture shows her playing with toys, highlighting her playful and carefree nature. Another snap shows Meghan Markle sitting on her dad’s knee at the dinner table. They are seated around the table with her two half-siblings Samantha and Thomas Jr, and her mum, Doria Ragland at the top of the table.

In another of the unseen snaps, a baby Meghan is seen sitting on her mum’s lap. Doria is opening a birthday card while Markle is looking somewhere in the direction of the camera.

These rare images provide a glimpse into Meghan’s upbringing and family life. They offer a glimpse of the environment in which she grew up and the experiences that shaped her into the woman she is today. It’s fascinating to see how Meghan’s childhood experiences may have influenced her journey to becoming a member of the royal family.

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For fans of Meghan Markle, these pictures offer a unique opportunity to connect with the Duchess on a more personal level. They allow us to see her as more than just a public figure but as a real person with a history and a story of her own. It’s a reminder that behind the glamour and the fame, Meghan is just like any other person, with a childhood filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

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Meghan Markle

Expert suggests 5 ways Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can revive their popularity

Meghan Markle

The Sussexes’, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, popularity in the UK hit an all-time low at 68%.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settled in the US after Megxit in 2020.

Since then, they have started losing their popularity in the United Kingdom. A recent YouGov survey revealed that their popularity is at an all-time low, as 68% of respondents feel negatively about them. In the world of royals, popularity can wax and wane like the tides. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, once the darlings of the monarchy, have faced their fair share of ups and downs in the public eye.

From controversies surrounding their departure from royal duties to criticism of their lifestyle choices, their popularity has fluctuated. Meanwhile, PR expert Lynn Carratt believes all is not lost for the royal couple. Speaking to The Mirror, she suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could still revive their image by following these strategies. With a little expert advice, they can reignite the spark and reclaim their place in the hearts of the people.

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Rebuild the brand: According to Lynn, Harry and Meghan Markle must focus on reconstructing their public image. This could involve more than just making appearances. They need a strategic overhaul of how they present themselves, both in the UK and the US. As part of this, they should be seen at events and with brands and charities that align well with their new image.

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Be open about struggles: Encouraging openness, the expert suggested that the couple share more about their personal challenges. By discussing their life’s difficulties openly, including aspects of their life as working parents, they could become more relatable to the public. 

Focus on passions: The expert said Harry and Meghan Markle should focus on projects that highlight their personal interests rather than their royal background. She recommended they present a new side of their personality to the public. For instance, their new TV shows could focus on what they are passionate about. 

Build bridges with the royal family: To improve their public image, Lynn proposed that Harry and Meghan Markle start mending bridges with the royal family. This could help soften the public’s perception and ease the existing tensions.

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New PR publicist: Lynn suggested that hiring a new PR adviser could be a significant step. The new publicist could help them tailor their public relations strategies to effectively appeal to both the UK and US audiences.

If you have any suggestions, comment below. 

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