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King Charles III

Exclusive insider’s perspective: Prince William’s thoughts on King Charles’ abdication revealed


When it comes to the British royals, speculation monarch’s abdication and who will ascend to the throne is never-ending.

In the ever-evolving landscape of British royalty, the notion of abdication isn’t just a plot point in historical dramas—it’s a topic that often stirs speculation and intrigue.

With King Charles III currently ruling, all eyes naturally turn to Prince William, the Prince of Wales and next in line. While some may entertain the idea of King Charles abdicating in favour of his son, Prince William, there are compelling reasons why Prince William may not wish for such a scenario to unfold. 

Here are 5 reasons given by the royal expert, Abhishek Singh Bisht, why Prince William would never want King Charles to abdicate the British throne.

Duty and tradition: Prince William was grown with a profound sense of duty and regard for tradition infused in him from a very young age. As the future King of England, he understands the significance of responsibility that comes with the crown and may feel a strong duty to fulfil his role when the time comes.

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Respect for his father: Despite any imaginable differences or disagreements they may have, Prince William certainly holds a tremendous deal of respect for his father, King Charles. Abdication could be perceived as undermining his father’s reign and legacy, something Prince William may be unwilling to do.

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Stability and continuity: A soft transition of power is essential for the stability and continuity of the monarchy. Prince William may acknowledge the significance of keeping the established order and may prefer to wait for his turn to ascend the throne rather than disrupt the succession process.

Training and preparation: Prince William may believe that he needs more time to complete the required coursework and training to adequately fill his future duties. Becoming King is not an easy feat. He can lose out on important experience and preparation if he abstains.

Public perception: The monarchy was revered especially by the British people, and any change to the established succession plan was certain to cause controversy and sway popular opinion. Prince William might put upholding social standards above all else to preserve stability and popular support. 

Family Dynamics: There is a complicated web of ties and family dynamics that the royal family must navigate. Abdication may cause internal conflicts and disrupt ties within the family. Prince William may put maintaining family harmony and togetherness above all else.

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Commitment to Service: Prince William has shown a lifelong dedication to charitable endeavours and public service. As King, he would be able to carry out and build on these initiatives, improving society in the process.

Prince William might not want such a scenario, even though some people find the concept of King Charles stepping down in favour of Prince William intriguing. Prince William has a strong sense of responsibility for maintaining the line of succession as he will one day lead England as King.

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King Charles III

Royal fans wonder if King Charles has full custody of Prince Archie?


Royal fans are buzzing with speculation about whether King Charles has full custody of Prince Archie.

Let’s explore the truth behind the rumours about Prince Archie’s custody.

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from their roles as senior royals, there has been much speculation about various aspects of their lives, including the custody arrangements for their son, Archie. One particular rumour that has been circulating among royal fans is whether King Charles has full custody of Prince Archie.

It’s important to clarify that custody arrangements for members of the royal family are not typically discussed publicly. However, based on available information and historical precedent, it’s unlikely that King Charles would have full custody of Prince Archie.

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In the United Kingdom, custody arrangements for children are typically determined by the parents, either through mutual agreement or through legal proceedings. In the case of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, they have expressed their desire to co-parent Archie following their decision to step back from their royal duties.

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Additionally, it’s essential to consider the unique circumstances surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from royal life. While they have stepped back as senior members of the royal family, they remain prominent public figures with their own independent careers and philanthropic endeavours. As such, any custody arrangements would likely take into account their roles as parents and their ability to provide for their son’s well-being.

Furthermore, the royal family has a long-standing tradition of prioritizing the best interests of the children involved. Prince Charles, as the future king, would undoubtedly recognize the importance of maintaining stability and continuity in Archie’s life, which would likely involve maintaining a close relationship with both of his parents.

It’s also worth noting that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been vocal about their commitment to providing Archie with a normal upbringing, away from the intense public scrutiny that comes with being a member of the royal family. This suggests that any custody arrangements would prioritize Archie’s privacy and well-being above all else.

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As royal fans, it’s natural to be curious about the inner workings of the royal family, including custody arrangements for its youngest members. However, it’s important to respect the privacy of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they navigate their new roles as parents outside of the traditional royal framework.

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King Charles III

Has Prince William officially started his monarchy lessons?

Has Prince William officially started his monarchy lessons?

Prince William expected to shoulder more responsibility and cover King’s duties after Charles’ cancer news.

Prince William finds himself balancing his professional obligations with personal concerns.

The recent disclosure of King Charles’ medical condition has brought attention to Prince William, the heir apparent, in the dynamic realm of the British monarchy. It becomes crucial for the Prince of Wales to strike a balance between his personal obligations and his royal duties as he gets ready to take on more duties.

The royal family’s dynamics have changed dramatically as a result of Prince William’s father’s recent cancer diagnosis and treatment. The public’s focus is now on Prince William’s responsibility for preserving continuity and stability at this turbulent time, after Kensington Palace’s announcement of his return to formal duties.

At forty-one, Prince William is at a turning point in his life, balancing personal struggles with work commitments. His wife, Kate, the Princess of Wales, is recuperating from significant abdominal surgery, adding another layer of complexity to the couple’s already demanding schedules.

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But despite these private health issues, Prince William and Kate are unwavering in their dedication to their royal duties. Their tenacity and commitment highlight the power of the organization they stand for and reassure the public in unpredictable times.

Prince William is set to take on a more significant role in the monarchy’s operations as the heir apparent. William takes on more responsibility while his father temporarily reduces his public appearances, displaying his willingness to take the lead when necessary.

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The planned engagements and official excursions have been reassessed in light of the current events within the royal family. With King Charles’ health taking precedence, there’s speculation that Prince William may need to step in for his father at critical events, ensuring the monarchy’s continued presence on the global stage.

Even if his father’s illness presents difficulties, Prince William is still hopeful about the monarchy’s future. A tone of openness and resiliency permeates Buckingham Palace’s statement about King Charles’ treatment, giving hope for the King’s ultimate return to full public duties.

Prince William’s position in the monarchy has increased importance as he makes his way through this time of change and uncertainty. In spite of difficulties, he is prepared to preserve the monarchy’s legacy because of his tenacity, flexibility, and unshakable dedication.

Despite their tense relationship, which has been made worse by Prince Harry’s recent public revelations about the family, Prince Harry arrived at the airport in the UK to show support for his father.

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The statement from Buckingham Palace is transparent and upbeat at the same time: “His Majesty has started a regular treatment schedule today, and during that time, doctors have advised him to delay public appearances.” His Majesty will carry out routine official paperwork and State business at this time. The King is appreciative with his medical team’s prompt intervention. He is still entirely satisfied with his care and eager to get back to doing his official duties as soon as feasible.”

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King Charles III

Prince William made a small request from Carole Middleton before King Charles’ coronation

Prince William

Prince William had one “small request” before King Charles’ Coronation, and it involved his mother-in-law Carole Middleton, a new royal book has claimed.

‘Insistent’ Prince William’s demand for Carole Middleton at King’s Coronation

The book, Charles III: The Inside Story by Robert Hardman, states that William wouldn’t budge on his demand over the attendance of Kate’s family and how they would be included on the big day.

The Prince of Wales was reportedly so adamant that there was no choice but to grant his request And in Hardman’s view, this decision shows just how much things have really changed within the Royal Family since the start of the late Queen Elizabeth’s reign, which lasted 70 years.

The author wrote that Prince William made a “direct request” that the Middleton family be in attendance and seated in a pretty high-profile position. Hardman noted that this was in direct contrast to some of the old guard of the extended Royal Family, with the Queen Mother’s family – the Bowes Lyons – having only two members there to represent them.

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The journalist also pointed out in the book that the Mountbattens – Prince Philip’s family – were only represented by Countess Mountbatten, with other relatives left off the guest list entirely. Even Lady Pamela Hicks, one of the former members of the Royal Household under the late Queen, got snubbed.

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However, Michael and Carole Middleton, as well as Kate’s two siblings – James and Pippa – were invited to the big day that officially marked the start of the new reign.

This was a “direct request from the Prince of Wales himself,” Hardman wrote, quoting an anonymous source saying: “‘Having all of them there was very important to him… he was absolutely insistent that his wife’s family be properly included.'”

Hardman says that this encapsulated just how much the Royal Family had changed since Queen Elizabeth’s own Coronation in 1953 when it had been controversial that the Mountbattens played an influential role in the monarchy. “Such are the shifting sands,” the book reads, “that, seventy years on, the Middletons outnumber the Mountbattens four to one.”

It has long been reported that King Charles is keen to adopt a slimmed-down monarchy – in line with many of the other European royal houses. This would mean fewer working royals, who are funded by the taxpayer, to ensure that the House of Windsor is as inexpensive for the public as possible – and in line with the modern world.

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The fresh claims come after the Middleton family was recently dramatised in the final series of Netflix’s The Crown, in a depiction of Carole in particular which one member of their extended family decried as “evil”.

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King Charles III

King Charles’ heartbreaking reply when asked about Prince Harry’s return


King Charles gave an unexpected reply to a man when he was asked about bringing Prince Harry back to the United Kingdom.

In the intriguing world of royal news, a recent event at the University of East London’s Stratford campus stirred up curiosity about the strained relationship between King Charles and his son, Prince Harry.

Despite the reported rough patch, King Charles provided an unexpected reply when a well-wisher shouted, “Bring back Harry, please!” during the monarch’s visit for the university’s 125th-anniversary celebration.

The saga began in 2020 when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step away from their royal duties, opting for a life across the Atlantic in the United States with their two children. Since then, reports of tension between Prince Harry and the royal household have made headlines, with the latest revelation about the distant relationship between father and son.

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During King Charles’ visit to the university, a curious bystander seized the opportunity to voice the sentiment shared by many – the desire to see Prince Harry return to the United Kingdom. The man’s plea caught the King off guard, prompting him to inquire, “Who?” When informed that it was his son, Prince Harry, the King responded with a nervous but intriguing, “It would be nice.”

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Adding a twist to the familial dynamics, Prince Harry attended his father’s coronation at Westminster Abbey in June. The event saw him join his extended family members before the more senior royals made their entrance. This unexpected appearance fueled speculation about the complexities within the royal family.

In April, royal enthusiasts were treated to the latest addition to the royal biography shelves – Robert Jobson’s “Our King Charles III: The Man and the Monarch Revealed.” The book delves into the intricacies of the royal family, shedding light on the strained relations among senior members.

Jobson’s account suggests that tensions escalated to the point where Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles stopped answering Prince Harry’s calls altogether. The turning point allegedly occurred after a heated argument over finances, during which Prince Harry reportedly “swore” at his father. In response, King Charles made the decision to cease communication, with Jobson quoting the King’s stance: “I’m not a bank.”

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The unfolding drama within the royal family continues to captivate audiences, raising questions about the future of Prince Harry’s relationship with his father and his potential return to the United Kingdom. As the saga unfolds, royal enthusiasts eagerly await further developments in this real-life royal soap opera, wondering whether the bonds of blood can withstand the pressures of public life and personal choices.

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