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Prince Harry says he’s watched Meghan Markle’s small role in 2006 film

Prince Harry says he’s watched Meghan Markle’s small role in 2006 film

Prince Harry revealed that he’s watched the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, play a small role in the 2006 made-for-TV movie, ‘Deceit’.

Prince Harry has proven once again he’s Meghan Markle’s biggest fan.

The Duke of Sussex, Harry, attended the Living Legends of Aviation Awards in Beverly Hills, California. The royal was being recognised for his work as a British Army veteran and pilot. Among those in attendance included director Matthew Cole Weiss, who had previously directed the 2006 TV movie Deceit, in which Meghan appears in one scene. Taking to social media, Weiss recalled his encounter with Harry and revealed that the father of two has watched his wife’s small role in the film.

“Got to have a full convo with Prince Harry. Super sweet. He knew of the movie I directed starring Meghan! Said he watched it before,” Weiss wrote on X, formerly Twitter. The movie producer also shared a photo of the royal dressed in a black suit jacket with a white button-up shirt and black bow tie.

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The psychological thriller follows a young man who returns home after his father’s death and falls in love with his best friend’s wife. Meghan plays Gwen during one scene in the film, a friend of the protagonist who offers advice to the main character. Weiss later added that the film was “admittedly not my best work but still. It is the film that made me stop directing though lol [laugh out loud]”.

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The Duchess of Sussex received her breakout role in 2011, after being cast as paralegal Rachel Zane in the USA Network drama series, Suits. She was featured on the TV show for seven seasons before the series ended in 2019. Shortly after Meghan wrapped filming in November 2017, she and Harry announced their engagement that same month.

Meghan has remained close with her Suits co-stars, with many of them attending her royal wedding at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in May 2018. When Suits star Gina Torres attended the 2024 Golden Globes earlier this year, she was asked about a potential cast reunion on the red carpet. Variety’s Marc Malkin asked whether Torres and her former co-stars planned on the surprise reunion, adding: “Are you all texting each other?”

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In response, Torres – who starred as Jessica Pearson in the legal drama series – confirmed that there is a Suits group chat and some of her former co-stars have been “texting each other”.

“Yeah, our text thread is insane right now,” she said. When Malkin then questioned Torres on “who texted Meghan” to invite her to the Golden Globes reunion, Torres replied: “We don’t have her number. We just don’t, so…” However, the actor expressed her hope that the duchess would find out about the reunion anyway. “She’ll see, she’ll watch,” Torres said. “She’ll be happy that we’re here.”

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Prince Harry

All the times Prince Harry showed his vulnerable side with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry

In recent years, we’ve witnessed some touching moments when Prince Harry has been visibly moved in public.

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has let his emotions show on occasion.

The British royal family are renowned for keeping a stiff upper lip, rarely showing emotion in public. It’s often been for causes close to Prince Harry’s heart or talking about become a father to Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. And in 2022, there was understandable sorrow as the royal family mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s not just sadness that Harry has expressed publicly – he looked genuinely touched by the crowds on his wedding day to Meghan Markle in 2018, and full of pride at the Invictus Games.

Tears of joy – Harry appeared glassy-eyed as he and his new wife, Meghan, rode through the streets of Windsor in a carriage procession following their wedding at St George’s Chapel on 19 May 2018.

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WellChild Awards 2019 – Harry blinked back tears as he gave an emotional address at the WellChild Awards in October 2019. The Duke has been patron of the charity, which helps seriously ill children in the UK, since 2007. Speaking about that moment in his memoir, Spare, released in January 2023, Harry recalled: “I walked onstage, began my brief remarks, and caught sight of Meg’s face. I thought back to a year ago, when she and I attended this event just weeks after taking that home pregnancy test.

“We’d been filled with hope, and worry, like all expectant parents, and now we had a healthy little boy at home. But these parents and children hadn’t been so lucky. “Gratitude and sympathy converged in my heart, and I choked up. Unable to get the words out, I held the lectern tight and leaned forward. The presenter, who’d been a friend of my mother, stepped over and gave my shoulder a rub.”

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Invictus Games The Hague 2022 – It had been a long road to the Invictus Games in The Hague in 2022, which had to be postponed for two years amid the pandemic. Meghan’s sweet tribute to her husband almost brought Harry to tears as she introduced him on stage: “Now it is my distinguished honour to introduce someone who I think you’ll be excited to hear from. He has spent many late nights and early mornings planning for these games to make them as perfect as possible for each of you, she said.

“I could not love and respect him more and I know many of you feel the same because he is your fellow veteran having served two tours of Afghanistan, and ten years of military service and the founder of Invictus Games and the father to our two little ones, Archie and Lili.  “This is dedication and this is the Invictus family. Please welcome to the stage my incredible husband, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.”  In response, an overwhelmed Harry gave his wife a kiss before replying: “Thank you, my love.”

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Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral – Harry was seen wiping back tears as he and wife, Meghan, attended the state funeral of the Duke’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, at Westminster Abbey 2022.

In a tribute to the late Queen days after her death, the Duke said: “Granny, while this final parting brings us great sadness, I am forever grateful for all of our first meetings – from my earliest childhood memories with you, to meeting you for the first time as my commander-in-chief, to the first moment you met my darling wife and hugged your beloved great-grandchildren.”

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Prince Harry

How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are raising daughter Lilibet out of the spotlight?

How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are raising daughter Lilibet out of the spotlight?

Understanding the pervasive nature of the internet and social media, Prince Harry and Meghan are careful about their children’s online presence.

Meghan and Prince Harry avoid posting regular updates and instead opt for occasional glimpses that celebrate milestones.

She may be royalty, but Princess Lilibet of Sussex has been living a relatively normal life with her dad Prince Harry, mom Meghan Markle, and brother Archie. “To have a boy and then a girl, you know, what more can you ask for?” Prince Harry said a few months before Meghan Markle gave birth to their daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, on June 4, 2021. Their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, became a big brother.

“We’ve got our family,” Harry told Oprah Winfrey during a sit-down with their Montecito, Calif., neighbour. “We’ve got the four of us and our two dogs, and it’s great.” Added then-pregnant Meghan, “Two is it.”

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When Harry pulled their “precious daughter from that world into this,” as he described the moment Lili was born in his 2023 memoir Spare, their family was complete. Back home, the “sacred airspace” near the kitchen was reserved for her playpen, toys, and stuffed animals, christened “Lili Land.”

Harry and Meghan have shared glimpses of their life as parents, including in their 2022 Netflix docuseries. But just a glimpse, because—while their kids remain unwitting celebrities as Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet of Sussex, now sixth and seventh in line to the British throne—the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not gone the expected royal route.

“We’ve been really conscious of protecting our kids as best as we can,” Meghan said in the series, “and also understanding the role that they play in this really historic family.”

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Welcoming Archie into the world their way proved controversial—some longtime royal watchers were scandalized by their refusal to share a birth plan and their desire for a relatively private christening—but since he was born in London while his mum and dad were still senior royals, they played ball. Archie even went on his first royal tour to Africa at 4 months old.

But there was no one to cater to, other than general inquiring minds when Lili was born at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital three years ago. And, brief foray into a six-episode docuseries aside, they’ve stuck to their intent to raise their babies out of the spotlight.

This meant their May tour of Nigeria was a kids-free trip, though the children were there in spirit. “That’s Lili’s favourite class,” Meghan, who apparently has a budding performer back home, told a class of kindergartners at Lightway Academy in Abuja who danced and sang for the VIP visitors.

Speaking to a group of older children, Meghan applauded the inner strength the kids exhibited just by showing up when the going got tough. “Our daughter, Lili, she’s much, much tinier than you guys,” she noted. “She’s about to turn 3. And a few weeks ago she looked at me and she would just see the reflection in my eyes. And she said, ‘Mama, I see me in you.'”

Meghan also lamented not being home for Mother’s Day on May 12, telling an audience at the State Governor House in Lagos that “of course we are missing our children.”

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They returned home a few days later. Meghan acknowledged there really isn’t such a thing as balance when it comes to the whole work-life conversation. “What I think that to mean now is that balance will always change for you,” she reflected during a Women in Leadership event. “That balance, what seems balanced 10 years ago is going to shift. And so being a mom has always been a dream of mine. And I’m so fortunate that we have two beautiful, healthy, very chatty sweet children.”

His son and daughter were “doing great,” Harry said on Good Morning America in February. “They both have got an incredible sense of humour and make us laugh and keep us grounded every single day as most kids do.”

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Meghan Markle

Why is Prince Harry and Meghan’s dancing video going viral?

Why is Prince Harry and Meghan's dancing video going viral?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently found themselves in the spotlight once again.

Prince Harry and Meghan can be seen in a video that has gone viral.

The moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle put their dancing skills to the test during their recent visit to Nigeria has gone viral, with fans praising footage of the couple on TikTok. Harry and Meghan attended events in Nigeria from May 10 to 12 at the invitation of the country’s chief of defence staff, General Christopher Musa. Several events were connected with Harry’s Invictus Games, which the country is reportedly eager to host at some point in the future.

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The couple also attended events connected with their personal interests and areas of philanthropy including mental health. On May 10, Harry and Meghan visited the Lightway Academy in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, where they met with students at the institution, which has received support from the couple’s Archewell Foundation.

During time spent with the school’s kindergarten class, the couple spoke about their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, and showed off their dancing skills.

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Uploaded to TikTok by user meghmarkle on May 11, footage of the royals happily performing steps with the class of children has already been viewed over 250,000 times. Captioned: “The most adorable royals I’m crying,” the clip has received over 12,000 likes and over 300 comments, many of which have praised the couple and their connection with young people. “You see why I love these two, they are just so fun and relatable,” wrote one TikTok user.

“They’re genuinely having fun connecting with people. it’s just straight authenticity from these two,” posted another, with a further comment suggesting Meghan could offer her husband some coordination tips, reading: “Meghan you need to teach Harry left from right. This is so funny watching you two. After they visited with the kindergarten class, Harry and Meghan spent time with some of the academy’s older children, with the prince delivering an engaging speech on mental health.

“In some places around the world, more than you would believe, there is a stigma against mental health,” he said. “Too many people don’t want to talk about it because it’s invisible, it’s in your mind and we can’t see. It’s not like a broken leg, it’s not like a broken wrist, it is something we are still relatively unsure of. But guess what? Every single person in this room, youngest to oldest, every single person has mental health.

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“So, therefore, you have to look after yourself to be able to help other people, other people have to look after themselves to be able to look after you. That’s the way it works.”

In addition to the school event, during the couple’s visit to Nigeria, they took part in an evening reception at the defence headquarters in Abuja, and they travelled to Lagos to watch a charity polo game.

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Meghan Markle

Expert suggests 5 ways Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can revive their popularity

Meghan Markle

The Sussexes’, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, popularity in the UK hit an all-time low at 68%.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settled in the US after Megxit in 2020.

Since then, they have started losing their popularity in the United Kingdom. A recent YouGov survey revealed that their popularity is at an all-time low, as 68% of respondents feel negatively about them. In the world of royals, popularity can wax and wane like the tides. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, once the darlings of the monarchy, have faced their fair share of ups and downs in the public eye.

From controversies surrounding their departure from royal duties to criticism of their lifestyle choices, their popularity has fluctuated. Meanwhile, PR expert Lynn Carratt believes all is not lost for the royal couple. Speaking to The Mirror, she suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could still revive their image by following these strategies. With a little expert advice, they can reignite the spark and reclaim their place in the hearts of the people.

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Rebuild the brand: According to Lynn, Harry and Meghan Markle must focus on reconstructing their public image. This could involve more than just making appearances. They need a strategic overhaul of how they present themselves, both in the UK and the US. As part of this, they should be seen at events and with brands and charities that align well with their new image.

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Be open about struggles: Encouraging openness, the expert suggested that the couple share more about their personal challenges. By discussing their life’s difficulties openly, including aspects of their life as working parents, they could become more relatable to the public. 

Focus on passions: The expert said Harry and Meghan Markle should focus on projects that highlight their personal interests rather than their royal background. She recommended they present a new side of their personality to the public. For instance, their new TV shows could focus on what they are passionate about. 

Build bridges with the royal family: To improve their public image, Lynn proposed that Harry and Meghan Markle start mending bridges with the royal family. This could help soften the public’s perception and ease the existing tensions.

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New PR publicist: Lynn suggested that hiring a new PR adviser could be a significant step. The new publicist could help them tailor their public relations strategies to effectively appeal to both the UK and US audiences.

If you have any suggestions, comment below. 

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