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Prince William

Have you seen this hilarious video of the Queen running to save Prince William?

Prince William

In a delightful blast from the past, a 1986 video captures the Queen chasing a young Prince William at a royal wedding.

See the late Queen Elizabeth in grandma mode as she runs after toddler Prince William in a rare clip.

Some truly precious (and hilarious) old video footage of the late Queen, Elizabeth, and a young Prince William has resurfaced and royal fans are adoring it – as are we, in fairness. Who doesn’t love a good royal throwback? Whether it’s a stunning unseen photo of the Queen during the early days of her reign or this clip of Prince Harry being bold on the Buckingham Palace balcony, royal fans just can’t get enough.

And one old video of the Queen and Prince William has resurfaced and is now going viral. Why? Well, it’s equal parts adorable and hilarious. Insiders have frequently shared lovely stories about how close Queen Elizabeth was to her grandchildren. She had a great relationship with Prince William – who used to call her ‘Gary’ – and his three little ones, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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While the Prince of Wales is 41 years old now, there was a time when he was just a tiny tot himself – and luckily, his grandmother was on hand to keep an eye on him when he decided to go a bit mischievous. A clip shared on the @theroyaluk Instagram page shows just how hands-on the Queen was with her family!

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The video displays the royal family at the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in the summer of 1986. As the bride and groom leave in a carriage, the camera pans to a four-year-old Prince William cutely clothed in a little white suit excitedly running towards the newlyweds as they take off in the horse-drawn vehicle.

However, the Queen – following on just behind young William – quickly pursues after him as she realises he has gone a little too far and takes his hand, before calmly regaining her stance and smiling for the cameras.

The viral video has scintillated nostalgia and laughter, presenting a glance into the lighter moments of royal life. Decades later, the cute clip resurfaced, tempting audiences worldwide with its endearing charm. Netizens couldn’t get enough of the Queen’s playful antics and young William’s infectious joy, making the video an instant hit.

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It’s a rare glimpse into the more relaxed side of the royal family, showcasing the late Queen’s loving bond with her grandson. In short: it was a brilliant throwback video. And quite possibly one of the funniest royal throwback footage we’ve seen in a while.

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Kate Middleton

Prince William’s latest sacrifice proves his loyalty to Kate is stronger than ever


In the realm of love and loyalty, Prince William’s latest gesture towards Kate Middleton shines as a beacon of devotion.

Prince William’s relentless commitment to Kate Middleton has once again captured hearts worldwide.

Juggling royal obligations, personal hurdles, and the endless public spotlight, Prince William has shown us yet again his extraordinary strength and unwavering loyalty, especially towards his wife, Kate Middleton.

In the face of recent health challenges hitting close to home, with both his father and wife battling cancer, William’s made a choice to miss a significant event that truly emphasises his dedication — not just as a companion, but as a key figure of the British royal family.

Prince William has reportedly decided to skip the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Samoa, which King Charles still plans on attending.

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An insider disclosed to Express, “Attending the CHOGM is not something William can take on at this time due to Kate’s health, and although Anne and other working royals are doing a fantastic job stepping in to plug the gaps at home, they are not viewed as high level enough to represent the sovereign as leader of the Commonwealth.”

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While this might appear like a miniature gesture to some, those who comprehend the weight of such events know it’s a big deal. CHOGM isn’t just any meeting; it’s a key moment where leaders from across the Commonwealth come jointly to discuss major global issues and strategies for cooperation. Other royal family members, like Princess Anne and Prince Edward, won’t be heading to the event either, as their roles aren’t considered senior enough.

The shock of Middleton’s cancer diagnosis threw the royal couple into unknown waters. Prince William originally felt “helpless and scared.” Despite these underwhelming emotions, William has stayed dedicated to his wife’s side, assisting with their children and being a constant source of comfort.

The strain of these health battles has also led to an unexpected development within the royal family. Prince William and Queen Camilla have reportedly formed a “tender relationship” amidst the crisis, united in their roles as caregivers to their spouses.

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This moment peels back the curtain on the personal sacrifices and tough calls faced by those in the spotlight. William’s choice to prioritize his wife’s health over global commitments deeply reflects his loyalty to her and serves as a reminder that beneath the formal regalia, they grapple with life’s challenges just like the rest of us.

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Prince William

Prince William reveals Queen Camilla really loves to ‘spoil’ her grandchildren

Prince William

Prince William recently shared heartwarming insights into Queen Camilla’s love for spoiling her grandchildren.

In a candid interview, Prince William opened up about Queen Camilla’s penchant for showering her grandchildren with love and affection.

Queen Camilla may be known to the public as Camilla, Queen Consort, but before that, she is a doting grandmother to many grandchildren and the insight she’s given into her grandparenting duties proves she knows how to have fun with them.

Like many grandparents, Camilla revealed that she often undertakes ‘babysitting duties’ for her grandkids! However, with her busy schedule, we can assume she isn’t like most grandparents who look after their grandchildren while their parents are at work – she’s got her hectic duties with The royal family to worry about.

Through her marriage to Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall counts the Cambridge children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and the Sussex children Archie and Lilibet, as her step-grandchildren. But she also has five grandchildren through her children Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes: Lola, Frederick, Eliza, Gus and Louis. Camilla is a devoted grandmother, and in a recent interview, she touched upon her close relationship with all of her grandchildren.

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To mark her 75th birthday in 2022, Camilla told British Vogue that she loves to “spoil” her grandchildren and that she frequently picks one granddaughter up from school when she is nearby to spend some quality time together.

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She said to the magazine’s Giles Hattersley: “You know the nice thing about being a grandmother is that you can spoil them occasionally, give them more of the things that their parents forbid them to have. “One’s at a school very near my house, so when I am in Wiltshire and her parents are away, I can nip over and pick her up and take her home.

In addition to texting and spending time together after school, reading is a big part of Camilla’s royal work, and she has spoken about how she involves her grandchildren in the pastime too.

But whether or not they have pink, blue, purple, or orange hair, Camilla adores her grandkids and her role as grandmother. “I’d recommend it to everybody,” she said in a 2018 documentary when asked about being a grandmother. “It’s very nice because you haven’t got the full responsibility. You can give them a wonderful time, spoil them, give them all the things their parents won’t allow them to have and then give them back again.”

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Spoiling them seems to be an important part of Camilla’s grandparenting duties, making her the grandparent who science has found is more likely to spoil their grandchildren than the other. She joked when visiting the headquarters of British jewellery designer Monica Vinader that her granddaughters had ‘started dropping quite a lot of hints about things they would like for their birthdays’ when they found out she was meeting the iconic designer – what a perfect gift!

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Prince William

Prince William reveals surprising benefit of his poor eyesight

Prince William

Prince William has made a surprising revelation in a new BBC documentary focused on men’s health in the world of football.

Prince William admitted that his eyesight became so bad that the faces of the audience were just a blur when he made an address.

Prince William, the Prince of Wales, has often been in the spotlight for various reasons, but one aspect of his life that’s not commonly discussed is his poor eyesight. Surprisingly, Prince William recently revealed that his vision impairment actually comes with an unexpected benefit – it helps him cope with the anxiety of delivering important speeches.

In a candid interview, Prince William opened up about how his eyesight condition has influenced his public speaking. Despite being a member of the royal family and regularly addressing large audiences, Prince William admitted that he still experiences nerves before giving speeches. However, he found that his poor eyesight has provided him with an unexpected advantage in managing his anxiety.

My eyesight started to tail off a little bit as I got older, and I didn’t wear contacts when I was working, so when I gave speeches I couldn’t see anyone’s face. And it helps, because it’s just a blur of faces and because you can’t see anyone looking at you – I can see enough to read the paper and stuff like that – but I couldn’t actually see the whole room. And that really helped with my anxiety,” William candidly replied.

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Speaking to a group of people, Prince William explained that his poor eyesight prevents him from seeing faces clearly when he’s addressing a crowd. While this may seem like a disadvantage to some, Prince William views it as a blessing in disguise. He revealed that not being able to see individuals’ expressions in detail helps him feel less nervous and more relaxed during public speaking engagements.

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For many people, the thought of standing in front of a large audience can be daunting, and Prince William is no exception. Despite his royal upbringing and years of experience in the public eye, he still feels the pressure of delivering speeches. However, he has learned to embrace his unique situation and turn it into a positive aspect of his public speaking routine.

Prince William while talking in a BBC documentary – titled Football, Prince William And Our Mental Health – as he travelled around the country promoting his Heads Up initiative, which aims to raise awareness about mental health and encourage football supporters to speak about their problems or support a fellow fan.

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During a visit to West Bromwich Albion Football Club to meet players past and present who have experienced people close to them committing suicide, the Duke said: “It is one of the biggest killers of young men under 45. As pain and grief goes away, and I’ve heard this from sadly too many families who have been bereaved by suicide, it is one of the rawest forms of grief because you’re left with so many unanswered questions. Could I have done more, should I have done more, why did they do it?

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Kate Middleton

Royal reconciliation: Kate Middleton and William Invite Archie and Lilibet to the UK


Prince William and Kate Middleton have invited Harry and Meghan’s children, Archie and Lilibet, to the UK.

William and Kate have requested Harry and Meghan bring their children to visit the UK to mend the rift a royal expert claims.

Royal author Tom Quinn told the Mirror that William and Kate suggested the Sussexes bring their niece and nephew, Archie and Lilibet, to the UK but said that Meghan denied it. One of the major justifications for Meghan Markle to refuse could be the daunting presence of the media which would not provide them with privacy at all.

Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, have been attempting to terminate the conflict with Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, The Daily Mirror has documented. According to a Royal expert, the Prince and the Princess of Wales have been pushing to settle the strained relationship.

Mr Quinn told the paper: “There is no way Meghan would bring the children to the UK. William and Kate have proposed that Meghan and Harry bring the children and that the two couples and their families try to make up, but the suggestion is not directed anywhere so far but might happen in the future.”

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The reported proposition comes after Kate communicated her cancer diagnosis to the world on 22 March and there is speculation Harry will visit his brother in the UK when he hosts an event for the Invictus Games in May.

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In other news, King Charles made his most significant public appearance since it was revealed that he had cancer on Sunday morning when he attended the Easter Mattins Service at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The 75-year-old monarch then shocked spectators by waving to the assembled people. Later, they said that he “looked good” and was in “high spirits.”

King Charles’s grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet, have not interacted with the Royal Family very often. May 6, 2019, saw the birth of Archie. Not long afterwards, on January 8, 2020, Harry and Meghan made public their contentious choice to resign from their royal responsibilities and relocate to the United States, a move that has come to be known as “Megxit”. Lilibet, named after the childhood name of Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was born on June 4, 2021. Both Archie and Lilibet have dual citizenship in the UK and the US.

Archie and Lilibet missed Easter in the UK: Archie and Lilibet earlier missed the chance to meet their cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Royal insider Tom Quinn had spoken about Harry-Meghan’s absence in this year’s Easter celebrations.

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“What’s really going to upset Harry this year is that his children will miss out on the Easter egg hunt that takes place afterwards,” he told The Daily Mirror. “And, of course, it would’ve given Archie and Lillibet a chance to get to know George, Charlotte and Louis. The family rift is going to prevent this, and Harry will feel it keenly,” he added.

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