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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s actions sometimes speak louder than words


Here are 4 instances when Kate Middleton made a statement with her actions, not her words.

The royal family is known for its rather strict approach to opinion sharing (royals are expected to remain politically neutral, for example), so Kate Middleton may not be someone that many would consider to be “an open book,” but the Princess of Wales has on several occasions allowed her actions to speak for her.

Despite her public obligations, Kate has demonstrated a more genuine side of herself in more subdued, unnoticed situations. Here are the occasions when Kate Middleton’s deeds spoke louder than words, whether it was revealing a more approachable side of herself or discreetly offering her support during extremely uncomfortable circumstances.

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Secret work experience: It emerged in 2019 that Kate had secretly spent time working at a London hospital, shadowing midwives at the Kingston Hospital Maternity Unit in order to learn more about care for women and children. The Princess managed to complete her work experience without any fuss, and no photographs were taken.

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Private gestures: During a visit to a hospice that she supports, Kate fulfilled a special promise she made to a mourning family in 2020 by planting a sunflower in Fraser Delf’s memory, who was nine years old. She had already promised her parents, Stuart and Carla, that she would honour their son, and she did so in a Norfolk hospice a few days later.

Showing she gets stage fright, and owning it: Kate has previously spoken about how nervous she gets with public speaking – and despite being a seasoned speech-giver these days, she was recently caught on camera taking some calming deep breaths before speaking at a military event, as she took over the role of Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Off-camera conversations with the public: There are times when Kate has shown her human side by being her down-to-earth self with members of the public – and though they are not officially recorded, sometimes snippets of conversations are caught by onlookers.

In January 2023, she was approached by a man who asked her for a selfie during a public engagement, quickly telling her that he was “really nervous”. She was heard responding: “Please don’t worry, that’s okay. We all get nervous.”

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Okay fine, that’s technically words as well actions, we suppose – but an insight into Kate’s personality all the same.

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Kate Middleton

5 Reasons why Prince William can never beat Kate Middleton in this sport

Prince William

Prince William and Kate Middleton love a little friendly competition, but there’s one sport in which she has proven to be unbeatable.

Over the years, Kate has honed her tennis skills at the prestigious Hurlingham Club in London, earning a reputation as a formidable player.

Rod Laver, the legendary Australian tennis player, recently told the Daily Mail that Prince William has freely acknowledged he can’t compete with Kate on the tennis court. “I’d met William and Kate a few times, and in the Royal Box, you get a chance to chat with them a little bit,” Laver said. He went on to say that although the royal couple enjoys competing against one another in tennis, it’s obvious who the true winner is. Laver went on, “William told me he couldn’t beat her.”

This information adds a delightful dimension to the well-known rivalry between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple has a friendly rivalry that extends beyond tennis; on royal engagements, they are frequently spotted participating in a variety of sports and pastimes. Whether it’s sailing, archery, or even a fun run, Kate and William always bring their A-game, delighting fans with their playful banter and genuine enjoyment of each other’s company.

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Those who have watched Kate Middleton’s public life are not surprised by her prowess on the tennis court. Kate is a sports fanatic who has participated in a variety of sports and frequently uses her platform to advocate for the value of physical fitness and healthy living. Her support of tennis-related charities and initiatives, as well as her frequent attendance at Wimbledon, demonstrate her passion to tennis in particular.

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The eldest child of Kate Middleton and Prince William, Prince George, appears to be carrying on his mother’s legacy. A publication claims that George has received one-on-one tennis instruction from none other than Roger Federer at the Bucklebury mansion of the Middleton family. Federer, a family friend, has praised George’s potential, hinting that the young prince may have inherited his mother’s talent and passion for the sport.

A sweet feature of the Middleton family’s personal life is their passion for tennis, which demonstrates that despite their royal responsibilities, they still make time for hobbies that make them happy and deepen their family relationships. It’s simple to picture the pick-up games that happen at their house, with Kate coaching George and maybe even Charlotte and Louis being involved as the kids get bigger.

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Kate Middleton appears to have a natural talent for tennis, despite the fact that Prince William and Kate are both athletic. On the court, she possesses extraordinary agility, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. She is an exceptional player because of her innate talent, commitment to practice, and expert instruction. Prince William has acknowledged to legendary Australian tennis player Rod Laver that he finds it difficult to defeat Kate on the tennis court. This open admittance demonstrates Kate’s indisputable skill in the game.

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Kate Middleton

6 people in Kate Middleton’s secret squad

6 people in Kate Middleton's secret squad

When Kate Middleton isn’t running after her children, or enjoying a quiet night with William who does she choose to spend time with?

So much of Kate Middleton’s life is up for public consumption, but her friends are usually kept firmly out of the spotlight.

Glossier than the posters in a hair salon window, more fiercely protective than big cats with cubs, and more interwoven than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton — we bring you the lowdown on Kate’s top-secret friendship group.

Pippa Middleton
Kate and Pippa were born just 20 months apart and have been best friends as well as sisters their whole lives. With the same passions and interests, taste in clothes, and shared friends, they were the perfect roommates when they lived in London together, while Pippa was on hand to help Kate plan her wedding and get on very well with the royal family. The sisters still holiday together, and Pippa is a frequent visitor to Anmer Hall.

Emilia Jardine-Paterson
She’s one of the top contenders for the position of Kate’s best friend. The pair were at Marlborough College together, and when Kate and William went through their brief split, Emilia took Kate off to Ibiza. These days their lives are more about diapers and teething as they have two young children each. Emilia is also godmother to Prince George. The discreet blonde runs an interior design company, and it’s been reported it was she who helped Kate redecorate Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall in recent years. To further cement their friendship, Emilia’s husband, David, was at Eton with Prince William.

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Sophie Carter
The other name in line for the best friend spot is Sophie (seen standing next to Kate in this photo), who has numerous connections within the Cambridges’ friendship group. She used to go out with William’s best friend Thomas van Straubenzee, and her brother Robert married one of Kate’s school friends, Hannah Gillingham. She is always one of the select group to celebrate Kate’s birthday with her, and this year when Kate and William attended a church service on the Sandringham estate the following morning with the queen, Sophie came too. She was also on the skiing holiday William and Kate took with Prince George and Princess Charlotte earlier this year and is godmother to Princess Charlotte.

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Trini Foyle
Another former Marlborough friend, Trini was Kate’s constant companion in London during the year she and William went through their breakup, and in more recent times they have been spotted walking in Kensington Gardens together. Trini was also photographed in the box with Kate when she went to Cirque du Soleil for her birthday. Trini and her husband sat with James Middleton and other members of Kate’s family.

James and Laura Meade
James is one of William’s oldest friends, but when the prince and Kate went through their breakup in 2007, James was photographed with Kate and so is clearly very loyal to her too. James was also at the church service with the royal family the day after Kate’s birthday this year, so it’s safe to say that he too was around to help the duchess celebrate her birthday. He and his wife Laura are Norfolk neighbours of William and Kate, and James is godfather to Princess Charlotte.

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Rebecca Deacon
As Kate’s private secretary, it is Rebecca’s job to be constantly by Kate’s side, but the pair are also close friends. Rebecca first came across the royals when she worked for Harry’s charity Sentebale, before moving into the private office of William and Harry. After William and Kate got engaged, Kate chose Rebecca to be her right-hand woman, and over the following years, they have become even closer.

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Kate Middleton

How did Kate Middleton prevent hair loss during chemotherapy?

How did Kate Middleton prevent hairloss during chemotherapy?

Controversy surrounds Princess Kate Middleton’s return to the public eye amid her cancer battle and preventative chemotherapy session.

Kate Middleton always stuns at royal engagements, and her recent appearance at Trooping the Colour was no exception.

But this year, the buzz online wasn’t just about her impeccable style, but her much-awaited comeback after remaining out of the public eye for a long period. Some internet chatter has taken a curious turn, focusing on Kate’s health and cancer battle, because of which she is undergoing preventative chemotherapy. Many think that her recent appearance at the monarch’s birthday celebration was far more suspicious than her edited pictures in the past.

Kate Middleton’s Trooping the Colour appearance faces scrutinyWhile royal followers celebrated Princess Kate’s return to public view after a period of privacy with her family at Windsor Palace, some speculate that the woman seen on the Buckingham Palace balcony may not be Kate at all.

These individuals, often labelled as conspiracy theorists, combed through photos and videos, searching for evidence to support their bizarre claims. While it was largely speculated that Kate would miss the major royal event, she surprised everyone with her last-minute wish to attend and appeared on the balcony alongside Prince William, King Charles, Queen Camilla and her three kids George, Charlotte and Louise.

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‘Chemotherapy but no hair loss?’ Some questioned Kate’s remarkably good health despite her ongoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, while others argued she simply appeared well-rested. Many voiced disbelief that someone undergoing chemotherapy could maintain such shiny, hazel-coloured, bouncy, and long hair. “You can have chemotherapy and not lose your hair?”

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Thankfully, medical professionals confirm that not all chemotherapy treatments lead to hair loss. While some medications are well-known for causing considerable thinning or loss of hair, others have less severe adverse effects. Since details surrounding the Princess of Wales’s preventative chemotherapy haven’t been publicly shared, it’s possible the specific drugs used minimized hair loss.

Internet questions if Kate had plastic surgery Comparing past pictures of the princess with the new ones flooding the official Buckingham Palace website and Instagram handle, some have noticed a noticeable difference. Many speculate that she may have undergone cosmetic procedures during her time away from the public eye. “I wonder if this was more reconstructive work after an incident, rather than an elective surgery,” a person wrote on X (formerly Twitter.)

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A storm of internet rumours circled the Princess of Wales. From AI-generated photos to body double claims, speculation ran rampant. But for royal fans, the real story was simpler: seeing Kate healthy and smiling, engaging with the public despite recent challenges.

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Kate Middleton

5 Reasons why Kate Middleton’s trooping the colour appearance was significant

5 Reasons why Kate Middleton's trooping the colour appearance was significant

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, made a highly anticipated appearance at the 2024 Trooping the Colour ceremony.

Kate Middleton’s appearance marked a significant moment for the royal family and fans alike.

This event, celebrating King Charles III’s official birthday, was particularly notable for several reasons. Here are five reasons why Kate Middleton’s appearance at Trooping the Colour was so significant.

1. First Public Appearance Since Cancer DiagnosisKate Middleton’s presence at Trooping the Colour was her first official appearance since revealing her cancer diagnosis in March 2024. The announcement had been made via a heartfelt video where Kate shared her journey and the challenges she faced. Seeing her back in public, especially at such a prestigious event, was a powerful testament to her resilience and determination. Her attendance sent a message of hope and strength, inspiring many who are going through similar struggles.

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2. Family Unity and Public SupportKate arrived at Buckingham Palace with her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, symbolizing family unity. The sight of the Princess of Wales smiling and engaging with her children during the parade was a heartwarming moment that resonated with many. It underscored the importance of family support during challenging times and highlighted the royal family’s closeness. Kate’s ability to balance her public duties with her role as a mother was on full display, reinforcing her relatable and down-to-earth persona.

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3. Honoring Her Role as Honorary ColonelAs the honorary colonel of the Irish Guards, Kate Middleton’s presence at Trooping the Colour held special significance. Her participation in this ceremonial event showcased her dedication to her official roles and responsibilities within the British Army. Kate’s striking white dress with navy, and nautical features paid homage to her military connection, and her attentive observation of the regiment marching underscored her respect and admiration for the armed forces.

4. Demonstrating Strength and ResilienceKate Middleton’s appearance also demonstrated her incredible strength and resilience. Despite undergoing chemotherapy and facing the challenges of her diagnosis, she chose to attend the event and fulfil her royal duties. This act of bravery was a poignant reminder of her commitment to the monarchy and her role as a public figure. Her positive attitude and determination to engage with the public, even during difficult times, highlighted her unwavering dedication and courage.

5. Engaging with the Public and Royal TraditionsTrooping the Colour is one of the most significant events in the royal calendar. Kate Middleton’s participation reinforced her connection with royal traditions. After the parade, she joined other senior royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the Royal Air Force flypast. Her interactions with her children, particularly the animated Prince Louis, brought a touch of warmth and relatability to the formal proceedings. Kate’s presence at such a traditional and high-profile event emphasized her role in maintaining and honouring royal customs.

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Throughout the event, Kate Middleton’s interactions with her children and other family members offered a glimpse into the dynamics of the royal family. From guiding her children through the parade to sharing moments of laughter and instruction, Kate’s presence added a personal and human element to the grand ceremony. Kate Middleton’s candid update on her health shared just a day before Trooping the Colour, added an extra layer of significance to her appearance. She spoke about the ups and downs of her treatment, emphasizing the importance of patience and self-care. 

While her appearance at Trooping the Colour was a milestone, Kate Middleton acknowledged that her recovery journey is ongoing. She may need to step back from some public events to focus on her health. 

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